New (Out)Look

Welcome to the new Pleased to Present blog. I’ve given it a new spiffy look and a renewed mission. This used to be a blog where I’d only post text from published reviews and info about my own exhibitions. But since there’s so much great, and not so great, art out there, I thought I would open my format up to less formal postings. So check back often for frequent posts about art in LA., stuff I think needs further thought, and info about events I find worthwhile or interesting.

Oh, and since people always ask about these things, the header bar image right now is by Bari Ziperstein. Its an excerpt of her Backroom installation at the Pacific Design Center. It’s an amazing show and I just finished reviewing it for the January issue of ART LIES. I’ll change the header image from time to time, but for now Bari’s piece makes me happy.

Remember to twitter this blog, share it on facebook, bookmark it, and do whatever else you need to do to share it with your friends.

Thanks. -Tucker


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