Share The Light

Come check out my work as part of this day-long event

WHERE: The entire length of Washington Blvd., from Whittier to Venice Beach
WHEN: October 11, 2009 12PM-6PM

“A Day in L.A.” shows work from over sixty Los Angeles artists and non-artists in unused public outdoor spaces along the entire length of Washington Boulevard’s 27 miles, from Whittier to Venice Beach. For one day artists will perform works, create installations, facilitate happenings, and make music in unexpected spaces, such as on the sidewalk, between dumpsters, along railroad tracks, as well as inside the audience’s cars as they traverse one of LA’s most iconic boulevards. An official map of the day’s events along with schedules and other downloadable information will be available to the public starting on October 4 on the event website (

And here is my submission:


Tucker Neel kindly asks that you share the sunset with the Thomas Kinkade Company. Please dial 1 (800) 366-3733, and when prompted, dial extension 5191. Please leave a message describing the sunset in as much detail as possible for Kathleen Moon, Senior Executive Assistant to Craig Fleming, the President and CEO of the company.


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